All fire extinguishers have a legal requirement to be serviced at least annually to ensure they are fully functional in an emergency. Our professional engineers can provide a full service to your fire extinguishers and provide you and your company with fire safety advice.

A service will include

  • An external examination of the fire extinguisher for signs of corrosion, splits, dents, gauges or other damage
  • Examination and verification of pressure indicator
  • Measurement of pressure, weight
  • Inspection of all servicable parts to ensure good working order. This includes the replacement of the safety pin, BS 5306-3:2009 compliant pull-tag and other anti-tamper indicators
  • Mandatory replacement of washers, ‘O’ rings, seals and diaphragms for horns, nozzles, hoses and valves whenever these components are removed

We shall also review your premises to ensure you have the correct fire equipment installed, and that your business is adequately protected.

Disposing of your Fire Extinguisher


Each fire extinguisher will be sorted into types, and the contents depressurised if required. The headcaps, valves, tubes and cartridges are taken off and inspected, and these parts are either recycled or scrapped.

Any contents remaining in the fire extinguisher body are now emptied and reclaimed if possible, and the body is examined inside and out.

If the body is OK, it may be refilled and used again, if not, it will be scrapped by cutting it in half or punching a hole in the canister.

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