It is the policy of Fire Services and Supplies to eliminate the exposure of its employees to risks associated with asbestos contact.

Where only servicing operations are carried out it is not considered that asbestos in building poses a risk to personnel.

However operations involving cutting and drilling into the structure of the building may present a risk to personnel. It is therefore a requirement for any person employed by or working on behalf of Fire Services and Supplies to satisfy themselves that the work they are carrying out does not put themselves or anyone else at risk.

Where drilling or cutting operations are required, the person responsible will seek information from the client regarding the presence of asbestos in the building.

Specifically Fire Services and Supplies personnel will request sight of a copy of the asbestos register for the building.

If this does not exist and it is felt that there is a likelihood of asbestos being present work will not commence until a survey has been carried out by a competent person.

John Mayhew

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Date: 01-01-2021

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