It is the policy of Fire Services and Supplies not to offer bribes or inducements to its clients or others to attempt to gain an advantage. All of the company’s business transactions will be carried out in an honest and professional manner.

This does not preclude reasonable entertainment and promotional gifts of nominal value, such as calendars, diaries and pens etc. These are given as an advertisement to promote the business name.

Employees are strictly forbidden to offer any form of inducement. This would be considered as a case of gross misconduct and would result in disciplinary action or summary dismissal.

It is equally strictly forbidden for any employee to accept a bribe or inducement under any circumstances. Again, this does not preclude accepting reasonable entertainment and promotional gifts of nominal value. There is no formal definition of “nominal”, if in doubt decline the offer or seek guidance if declining may cause offence.

John Mayhew

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Fire Services and Supplies Ltd

Date: 01-01-2021

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